I’ve decided to publicly release Crypt Source, a library I created several years ago to encrypt the HTML source code of web content.  I’ve been using Crypt Source internally in various projects and web sites, to deter cheating in web-based games and other types of bot activity.

Other HTML encryption solutions tend to be very basic, and the decryption key is usually obfuscated within a simple JavaScript function and then placed directly into the encrypted HTML.  Or the web content is compiled into a proprietary format, and users need to install a browser plugin before they can access it.

Crypt Source is designed to work with existing web standards, so no browser plugins are necessary, and the decryption key is stored externally from the encrypted HTML.  This means that if the encrypted HTML file is saved or cached, and then later opened, it should be impossible to decrypt without knowing the key.

In fact, Crypt Source uses a multi-key technique where the encryption key itself is encrypted with a secondary key.  The secondary key is only released after the main key has been deleted from the web server.  This means that somebody needs to have all 3 parts (the encrypted HTML, the encrypted main key, and the secondary key) to decrypt the web content.

To download Crypt Source, check out: http://cryptsource.com


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