Josh Abbott is the owner of Logiscape and the Executive Developer of the LFMTE, LFMVM, and LFM software platforms.  He started designing web sites in 2003, and began surfing traffic exchanges that same year to promote his business.

In 2006, he launched his own traffic exchange and began developing the traffic exchange script that would later become LFMTE.  Over the next several years, Josh put his traffic exchange script project on hold to focus on building mods and plugins for some of the existing scripts.  Many of these mods revolutionized the traffic exchange industry by automating many tasks that owners had been doing manually, and making it easier for them to focus on building their business.

In early 2009 Josh partnered with Robert Puddy to combine his traffic exchange script and mods with Robert’s popular LFM membership site script.  This took all the pieces that were required to build a solid traffic exchange, and combined them with a powerful membership management and marketing solution that would help an exchange grow and prosper.  After almost another year of developing, testing, and refining, the LFMTE script officially launched in November of 2009.

The LFMTE script rapidly spread throughout the industry, as new owners now had an easier way to start their exchanges, and existing owners saw an opportunity to upgrade their scripts and breathe new life into their exchanges.  With so many owners flocking to the LFMTE at one time, a strong community began to emerge, with owners helping other owners to promote and grow their businesses.

In 2012, Robert and Josh took many of the strategies that had made LFMTE a success, and expanded them into the viral mailer industry with the launch of LFMVM.  Both LFMTE and LFMVM continue to expand at a rapid pace, and Robert and Josh have more exciting products in development for the future.

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